Stalled front over Louisiana means a tale of two forecasts

Over the next few days, Louisiana will experience two totally different forecast depending on if you live on the western side of the state or the eastern side.


Tuesday turned out to be a wet day across all areas as a rare front tracked into the region. This front will in fact clear the western half of the state on Wednesday leading to drier conditions. On the other hand, ahead of the front over the eastern half of the state, heavy rainfall will continue to be possible.



As we enter the month of August, rarely do we talk about fronts making it this far south but that has sort of been the pattern as of late. Just last week a front brought a hint of drier air into the region which caused the oppressive heat to drop just a notch.


Since this front will stall basically bisecting the state, the dry air won’t be a treat for all this go around. The farther north and west you live, the better your chances will be to feel a hint of that lower humidity meanwhile those from Acadiana eastward into Southeast Louisiana will remain on the wet side of the front. The drier skies will allow highs to return to the 90s from Lake Charles to Shreveport while those on the wet side of the front like in Southeast Louisiana will see highs held down in the 80s due to the increased rain and clouds.

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