Remnants of 91L…Still watching?

When one pulls up a satellite image today and looks in the Gulf, eyebrows are raised….what is that? What’s going on down there? Is there something trying to develop??? That’s what is left over from Invest 91L.

Tropical models haven’t been run on 91L in quite some time, and technically 91L is no longer a labeled entity. However, that doesn’t make much of a difference in terms of disturbed weather. We still have a concentration of thunderstorms which should still be monitored. But will it amount to anything?

Wind shear is screaming across the southern gulf between 15 and 30kts not allowing for convection to stay concentrated to anyone particular area. Thus, pressures are not lowering. Overall, this area currently does not have much support from any of the global models to turn into anything threatening.

Then there’s last night’s European model (6/16/18 00z run) which has many ensemble members eventually trying to spin up something in the western gulf as the moisture axis remains in place. You can continue following and discussion this area over on our forums at

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