Invest 90L labeled in the Caribbean

It’s that time of year, hurricane season is near and the tropics are starting to respond albeit a bit early.

An elongated area of moisture, now designated ‘Invest 90L’ extending from Florida down through the Caribbean has been persistent over the past few days. Models continue to agree that this batch of moisture will move north into the Gulf where the potential does exist that tropical development may occur.

The National Hurricane Center is giving the area a 0% chance of development over the next 48 hrs followed by a 40% chance of development thru 5 days.

As is usually the case with any early season activity, this system will not be in an environment that allows for much strengthening. Although even weak storms can pose the threat for heavy, flooding rainfall and that will be what we need to monitor over the coming days.

This upcoming weekend is Memorial Day so outdoor plans are a common theme as we unofficially begin summer. All residents along the Gulf Coast from Florida to Louisiana are being urged to monitor the latest weather information through the week.

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