Forget about storm size or intensity; TS Allison anniversary a reminder of that

Image credit: NWS

On this date 16 years ago, one of the worst floods along the Gulf Coast was just beginning as a weak 40 mph tropical storm named Allison made landfall near Galveston. The days following landfall would bring about significant flooding due to the slow motion and stalls of Allison over metro Houston and other locations in Southeast Texas.

The overall intensity of Allison was barely enough for designation as a tropical system but the size and slow motion produced not inches but feet of rain across Southeast Texas and most of coastal Louisiana.

A widespread swath of 5-10 inches of rain was recorded from Central TX to the Southeast US Coast. Higher amounts were centered across Southeast Texas and metro Houston where as much as 3 feet fell. This led to extensive flooding in the city of Houston. In Southeast Louisiana, numerous locations reported between 15-25 inches of rainfall.

Image credit: NWS

Leave it up to Allison to remind you any form of tropical system can create major impacts whether that storm has a name or not. The flood of August 2016 is a classic example.

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