Beryl becomes the season’s first hurricane

Tiny Beryl strengthened into a hurricane this morning with maximum sustained winds of 75mph. Beryl is a very tight and compact storm. Hurricane force winds only extend outwards of 10 miles from Beryl’s center. Some additional strengthening is forecast today before Beryl begins to weaken.

Beryl is forecast to quickly weaken by late Saturday and become a tropical storm or even completely degenerate into a strong open trough near the Lesser Antilles late Sunday or Monday. Beryl is of no threat to the Gulf of Mexico.

Elsewhere, the National Hurricane Center is monitoring a well developed area of low pressure off the east coast. Currently, there is a “high” chance of development and a tropical depression may develop over the next couple of days. If this would happen to reach tropical storm intensity, the next name on the list will be “Chris”.

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