And Here We Go… Two New Systems in the Atlantic

Two areas of interest are poised to get the heart of hurricane season rolling relatively soon as the lull we have been in the past few weeks looks to be quickly coming to an end.

Invest 99L and Invest 90L are two disturbances we are tracking for future tropical development with both having a medium to high likelihood they will become named storms over the coming days.

Considering Invest 99L is located just off the coast of Africa and has a long way to go before impacting any land, our focus should be on the potential storm closer to home, Invest 90L which is located in the Caribbean.

Invest 90L is currently a disorganized tropical wave moving through the eastern Caribbean Sea but eventually it will make it into the northwest Caribbean near the Yucatan come early next week. It’s at this point where models are starting to pick up on a much more favorable atmosphere leading to the development of possibly our next named storm.

Considering both invests could develop around the same time, the next two names on the list are Franklin and Gert.

It’s way too early to talk specifics on any future track since we have yet to see development occur; however most indications are the Caribbean disturbance could eventually make it into the Gulf or Bay of Campeche by mid next week. This version of track doesn’t mean be concerned, it just means we have to keep an eye on things.

Basically, there’s no certainty on where either storm will track, how strong they will get, or if they will even form at all. Regardless, its not a bad idea to stay on top of things and pay attention to where things go from here. Come join our forums and discuss Invest 90L HERE and Invest 99L HERE.


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