Tropical Storm Harvey forms in the Atlantic

Tropical Storm Harvey has formed in the Atlantic after hurricane hunters found a defined circulation.

Tropical Storm Harvey is currently located at 13.0 N, 55.8 W and is moving west @ 18 mph. Winds are 40 mph with a pressure of 1004 mb.

Harvey looks to continue moving west through the Windward islands while strengthening into a hurricane over the next few days. Tropical storm conditions will reach the Lesser Antilles by Friday morning. Rainfall totals of 2 to 4 inches are expected across the Windward Islands from Martinique to Grenada, with life-threatening flood and mudslide potential.

Current guidance has Harvey moving into Belize, but there is still great uncertainty in this solution. We will wait for the newer models to come out now that they have an actual storm to start with. This will allow us to have more accurate model guidance.

On the heels of Harvey is our next threat, Invest 92L. Currently 92L looks to make it into the Gulf of Mexico, but it’s strength and path could depend on Harvey. There is a chance, if Harvey ends up strong enough, that it could steal the energy needed to strengthen 92L. At the moment, models are showing 92L strengthening into a hurricane as it moves towards southern Florida. If 92L becomes a Tropical Storm, it’s name would be Irma. This will definitely be the one to watch.

Our third system we are watching is a tropical wave coming off the coast of Africa which has a 30% chance of formation within the next 5 days.

Models can vary greatly between now and then, all systemss need to be watched closely for further developments. To join in on the discussion, head over to our forums here.

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