The tropical outlook ahead…

As the remnants of Cindy continue to pull north, we start looking ahead to see what’s over the horizon. So far, we’re looking quiet on our side of the world for at least the next week to ten days.  There are a few waves over Africa that will be moving into the Atlantic basin over the coming week however our reliable models are not yet picking up on any kind of “persistent” development.  This is a normal cycle for this time of the year, and just the general idea of us seeing the “D” named storm in June would be very rare. The next name on the list is “Don”.

How does this season progress from this point?  We all know each season is different and they almost all seem to have a life of the their own.  We also all know it only takes one.  As we saw with Cindy, it doesn’t take much of a tropical system to cause problems.  Parts of Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle were greatly affected by flash floods.  We also saw a slight storm surge which led to coastal flooding in both southwest and southeast Louisiana as well as Mississippi, Alabama and even Florida.


From this point on, climatology says our activity will increase, and then should rapidly increase as we get into August and the peak of the season.  Global signs do indicate we will continue to have above average activity so let’s enjoy this lull over the next week to two weeks while we can, but as always, stay abreast of current conditions and make sure you keep your evacuation plans and preparedness plans handy in case the need arises over the coming months.

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