Summer storms can produce strong impacts with little warning

Every summer in South Louisiana it rains almost daily and in some cases those storms can bring serious impacts with little to no warning.

Today was one of those days where multiple afternoon thunderstorms were capable of producing damaging winds, small hail, dangerous lighting and flooding rains.

The combination of intense summer heating along with an abundance of moisture in the atmosphere allows for what meteorologist call wet microburst to develop. These microburst develop when the rain cooled air associated with a thunderstorm hits the ground and spreads out in all directions.

Usually the typical summer storm only generates wind in the 20-30 mph range but if the storm intensifies enough, damaging winds gusts between 50-60 mph are possible right where that air in the microburst hits the ground. When this does occur, it’s usually for a short time period which makes warning for these storms almost impossible.

In addition to the wind threat, the more intense storms in summer typically produce pea sized hail, dangerous cloud to ground lightning and torrential rainfall that can quickly flood streets.

The videos below were captured in Harvey, LA during the middle of one of Sunday’s storms.

Storm damage pictures from a separate storm in St. Rose.

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