Severe Weather Awareness Week, 2/19 – 2/23

The National Weather Service office in Slidell, LA has designated this week to be Severe Weather Awareness Week for southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi.  This is because we’re quickly nearing our spring severe weather season.

Visit the official NWS Severe Weather Awareness page here:

Tornadoes, damaging thunderstorm winds, large hail, and flash floods can occur at any time of the year. However, late winter and spring usually bring the greatest chance of these severe weather events occurring in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Southeast Louisiana experienced some of the most significant tornadoes in the state last year, when 3 strong tornadoes (EF-2 or EF-3) touched down on Tuesday, February 7th.  The strongest tornado occurred in East New Orleans when a strong (EF-3) tornadoes tracked across East New Orleans for approximately 10 miles heavily damaging or destroying many homes and businesses with maximum wind speeds estimated near 150 mph. In some locations the damage path was 600 yards wide. There were 33 injuries, but fortunately no fatalities. Numerous photos and videos were taken of this unusually large and strong tornado that affected the Metro New Orleans area.

(courtesy of the National Weather Service, Slidell, LA)

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