Lee, Maria expected to develop soon

Hurricane Season seems to be catching its breath following the departure of Irma. Yea, Jose is spinning about over the open Atlantic and still has a small risk to impact the East Coast next week but our attention is focusing back on the tropical Atlantic.


Two new disturbances have been born, Invest 96L and 97L are located between the Caribbean and Africa. Nearly all models show development to some degree from both of these disturbances and considering the time of year growth into two new hurricanes looks likely.


Now the question is already coming, where do they go? The lead wave, Invest 96L, has the best chance to eventually make an impact on the Caribbean by late next week. Again this is still far off and many things will change between now and then but the overall pattern does favor a continued west movement towards the Caribbean. The other invest, 97L, may develop much quicker which would allow for an early turn out into the middle of the Atlantic.


After a busy past few weeks, it’s easy to think hurricane season may be winding down but remember, the Gulf threats can extend well into October. Stay prepared!

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