Invest 98L develops along stalled front in Gulf

A new area of interest has developed in the tropics and is located over the northeastern Gulf along a stalled frontal boundary.

Invest 98L has been labeled by the National Hurricane Center associated with an area of low pressure developing south of the Florida Panhandle.

Many times when fronts make it to the Gulf and stall we have to monitor the disturbed area for tropical development. This time is no different other than the fact that it’s July and rarely do fronts make it this far south.

Chances for development are on the low side as the combination of high shear and close proximity to the Florida Peninsula should keep this from developing further. Either way, lots of rain is on the way for much of Florida.

Eventually the stalled front that stretches all the way into the western Gulf will move back north later this week. This could cause a wet pattern to evolve for Louisiana.

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