Invest 90L could become Franklin once near Yucatan

The disturbance labeled Invest 90L currently moving through the Caribbean is starting to show signs of organization this afternoon.

Models remain consistent on this disturbance moving into the northwest Caribbean before approaching the Yucatan Peninsula by Monday. It’s in this location where development into our next named storm could occur as conditions look favorable for further development.

As far as an eventual track, once near the Yucatan the storm will likely cross the peninsula before reemerging in either the Bay of Campeche or the far southwestern Gulf. It’s at this time when many storms in past years have quickly organized and conditions look poised to allow the same to happen here.

Considering the overall weather pattern, nothing leads me to believe the North Gulf Coast has anything to worry about from this storm as a strong ridge of high pressure should keep any storm well to our south. Just note that it isn’t out of the question that we could have our first hurricane in the far southern Gulf come next week.

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