Hurricane Audrey 60th Anniversary

The residents of Louisiana always have hurricane stories to tell but the stories from the landfall of Audrey in 1957 are certainly more chilling than most.

Hurricane Audrey is one of the most deadliest hurricanes to ever strike the United States and is tied for the strongest hurricane on record in the month of June.

Audrey made landfall in Cameron Parish in Southwest Louisiana on June 27 as an intense Category 3 hurricane. The biggest impact and the most deadliest aspect of the storm was the surge.

Most of Cameron Parish was inundated by a 12 – 15 foot storm surge which caught many by surprise. Residents spoke about waking up early on the 27th to a rapidly rising tide which eventually destroyed almost every structure in Cameron Parish.

The storm killed just over 400 people making it a top 10 deadliest hurricane.

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