Harvey likely to redevelop, the western Gulf needs to watch closely

Harvey weakened to an open wave a few days ago and the remnants of the original circulation have quietly moved through the Caribbean and are now positioned near the Yucatan Peninsula.

Over the next day expect this area of disturbed weather to cross the Yucatan and move into the southwest Gulf where redevelopment into a tropical system is looking more and more likely. In fact, most models are sold on this idea that Harvey will redevelop but to what degree?

The general consensus is Harvey will restrengthen into a Tropical Storm and possibly have enough time to organize to near hurricane strength before landfall. Now where does this landfall occur once back over the open Gulf?

Most U.S. residents seemingly have wrote this system off as it’s bound for Mexico but not so fast as they say. Models continue this trend north and Texas needs to really start paying attention to how this will all play out the next few days. A strong front dropping down later this week could be the kicker to pull Harvey far enough north to impact locations in the western Gulf of Mexico.

Although the likelihood of a Louisiana landfall is very unlikely, impacts can be far reaching on the right side of these storms and that’s what we will need to watch for the next few days.


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