Gert heads out to sea, Invest 91L up next

Tropical Storm Gert was named Sunday afternoon as it tracks over the open Atlantic but our attention is already turning to Invest 91L located off the coast of Africa.

Invest 91L is some 5-7 days away from the big islands of the Caribbean but computer models are already jumping on this strengthening into our next named storm by midweek. Should this occur, the name would be Harvey.

What could be future Harvey is going to be one of those long track storms that we spend days watching and countless computer models analyzing. Right now we do know the calendar reads mid August which usually means the hurricanes are coming and the major storms are more likely. Conditions across the Atlantic continue to become more favorable so there is no doubt our first major of the season is coming.

It’s too early to tell what will come of Invest 91L but all signs point towards a strengthening storm as it moves across the Atlantic with a track that could lead to an eventual U.S. impact.

As for Gert, it will continue to move up the East Coast with no land impact expected on anyone.

Ironically, Invest 99L had a bunch of hype when it moved off the coast of Africa but 99L is what has spawned Tropical Storm Gert and in the end this will have no impacts on anyone. It goes to show you lots can change in a week in the tropics.

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