Closely watching powerful Hurricane Irma

We’ve been closely monitoring each and every model product released every few hours on Hurricane Irma.  At this time, all interests the northern Leeward Islands and Bahamas need to closely monitor Irma’s progression and begin making necessary hurricane plans.

The National Hurricane Center has slowly been trending their track westward over the past few advisories in response to reliable guidance suggesting more of a west threat.  A strong cool front will push down through the lower 48 this week reaching the gulf coast on Wednesday.  The weakness this front will cause should allow Irma to turn north at some point, but where is the big question.  Any slowing of forward movement with Irma will further increase the threat of a U.S. landfall somewhere in the southeast.  All U.S. residents from south Florida through the entire eastern seaboard need to closely monitor Irma’s forecasts.

On intensity, we could very well be looking at another catastrophic threat down the road as reliable data suggests Irma could be a Category 4 or 5 Hurricane very close to the Bahamas and the U.S. mainland.

At this time, the gulf coast is looking safe from any direct impacts, but we are still closely monitoring.  All it would take would be a weaker, or faster moving trough to create a ridge of high pressure north of Irma and force a further west track.  Stay tuned, and visit us on our forums for non stop discussions.

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