Catastrophic flooding underway in Houston and southeast Texas

As Harvey moves very slowly to the southeast, he’s dumping ridiculous amounts of rain over southeast Texas.  What is happening in Houston is what was feared numerous days ago.  Houston is experiencing history making flooding.  Over 2,000 people have been evacuated and at least 2 fatalities have occurred so far this morning due to the rising waters.  People are being rescued from rooftops.  A Civil Service Message earlier this morning is urging people to NOT go into their attics.  Instead, head to the top level of their home and then move onto the roof top so you are not trapped inside the attic.

The flooding will continue to get worse as additional feeder bands develop and train over the same areas. Lake Charles and southwest Louisiana, please make necessary plans to get to higher ground.  As Harvey slowly drifts southeast, the heavy feeder bands may move into those areas today and tomorrow.



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